Food As Fuel – Eating Right for Exercise

Food As Fuel – Eating Right for Exercise

It can be a constant battle, timing our activity with our meals & snacks. Given todays fast paced lifestyle along with an endless supply of convenience foods, we don’t always end up making the best choices when it comes to fueling up before an activity. From a leisurely morning stroll at the park, to a mid day hot yoga class, or a long weekend ride or run, we’ve got ideas to get you fueled without fail.

When to eat?

Meals: 3-4 hours pre activity

Snacks: 1-2 hours pre activity

What to eat?

Carbohydrates (mainly) and fluid

3-4 hours: Moderate protein, fiber and lower in fat (slows digestion)

1-2 hours: Rich in carbohydrates, low in all other macronutrients

Early morning workouts?

Snack or sip on a small amount of carbohydrate on the way to the workout

If it’s an endurance event, make up the difference by consuming during

Nervous Belly?

Practice, practice, practice your routine. And stick to that on race or performance day. It’s possible to train your stomach, but more importantly to find the right combo for you. Having fuel on board will help keep your jitters at bay and fuel your performance. Caffeine may add fuel to the fire; so unless you train with it in your system, go easy.

Exercising on Empty for Weight Loss?

It’s true that activity on an empty tank will force our body to turn to fat for fuel and can be a sensible approach to weight loss. However, performance is generally enhanced (harder workout) if we fuel up before. Thus, the post activity calorie burn lasts longer. However, if you’re prone to overeating, this may not be the best approach for you. Trial and error to find out what works best for you is the best approach.


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January 16, 2018