To request additional information, schedule an appointment, schedule a speaking engagement, yoga class or corporate wellness consultation, please be in touch. You can contact us via fax, phone, email or by filling out the contact form below.

If you are a healthcare provider and would like to submit a patient referral, please download the referral form and fax the completed form to the number below. Please be sure any relevant diagnoses, insurance information, past medical history and laboratory work ups are included in your referral.

If you would like to be seen as a patient, please request that your primary care provider submit a faxed referral to the number below and send us a request using the contact form below. If you do not currently have a primary health care provider, please don’t let that stop you. We can assist you irregardless of limitations.

While our offices are equipped to accept insurance reimbursement from most major third party payers, all services may not be covered. A pre-authorization will be completed prior to each initial visit to determine eligibility. Please inquire about packages and promotions offered for services that are not covered by insurance plans.

We look forward to taking this journey toward health with you!

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Fax: 304.405.2142

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